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Trade Options Optimally

Create and trade new option markets with institutional grade liquidity and capital efficiency.
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Trade in size and confidence with the most comprehensive workflow solutions and trading infrastructure.

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Secure & Private

Leveraging the decentralization of Ethereum without compromising security for settlements and beyond
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Enhanced UX

Optio workflow solutions enables institutions to create and resell option product on their own trading UI/platform
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Truly Composable

Contract Interface for composing smart contracts on L2 enables cross protocol synergies (ie. risk managed spot trading)

The first decentralized options exchange built with institutional grade capabilities.

icon Volatility based matching engine

Volatility Based Matching Engine

Think in volatility, transact in volatility
icon Fair Distribution Model

Fair Distribution Model

Participate on equal footing with other market makers
icon Delta Hedging System

Delta Hedging System

Hedge delta without slippage
icon Universal Liquidity Pool

Universal Liquidity Pool

Under-collateralized orders, fully-collateralized positions

Built for institutions and professional traders

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New option markets coming soon!
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